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Can anyone explain how filtering of workflows works in the Gallery UI?

9 - Comet


I am failing to understand the filtering logic in the Workflows screen in the Gallery UI


If I filter for a partial name I get no results: "pull"




But if I add to the name i.e. make the criteria more restrictive, I start to get results: "pullf"





Additionally if I filter on strings that form part of the owner or subscription names I get totally inconsistent results. Searching for my first name or surname produces no hits. Doing this for the names of other workflow owners produces a list of their workflows.


This is causing some serious issues where we cannot identify the assets owned by users who have left the business.

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hey @Paul_Holden ,


I have experienced the same problems as you are having right now and the explanation is that the search feature is somewhat buggy.

Fortunately, Alteryx replaced the search method on 23.1. Haven`t tested yet in big environments but it looks quite good!

Screenshot 2023-07-12 155616.png


To better manage the users and their assets, I would suggest using the Alteryx Server Usage Report (it is deprecated as of 22.3). There are 2 options, PDF and Tableau workbook output. The Tableau dashboard can look a little outdated but the data is all there.



FErnando Vizcaino

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@fmvizcaino thanks for the pointer. Hopefully we should be in a position to upgrade in Q4.


I had already started to pick the Server Usage Report apart. Because I found it not very useful for the reasons I originally looked at it I have rebuilt part of it to drop all the information into a SQL database which gives us more flexibility with regards to reporting/display and we have a couple of dashboards in Tableau that look at the data. I've not had time to extend this to user assets, it is currently focused on schedules and workflow results, so I admit that I'd forgotten what it actually provided for that. I was planning to make it more comprehensive in the future. Even better if new functionality means I don't need to do anything.