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CPU requirement for Server


What is the minimum requirement of a Processor for  Server installations?

Can the Server be installed on a dual-core processor?


Thanks in advance,

Gouravi Tandel D.


@Gouravi_Tandel Alteryx Server minimum recommend requirements for CPU are 4 cores (not including hyper threading) at 2.5 GHz or better. I would advise against installing Alteryx Server on a dual core processor. For complete information on recommended system requirements please see the technical specifications for the product in question:


Alteryx Designer -

Alteryx Server -

Alteryx Connect -

Alteryx Promote -


Thank you @KevinP




Hi KevinP,


I am new to the Alteryx world but after reading your feedback on this thread and looking at our server resource utilization for Alteryx, we are definitely under minimum requirement, do you agree? 


We current running on CPU:  Dual 2.40 GHz Intel Xeon(R)E5-2665 0 (Hyper-Threaded) enabled. 


Would you recommend us bumping up our physical CPU resource and disable Hyper-Threading? 


Thank you. 


@tvo42 Per Intel Ark the e5-2665 is an 8 core 16 thread processor. If you have a VM running on this hardware with only 2 cores allocated I would definitely recommend increasing that to 4 cores. You shouldn't need to disable hyper threading to do this. If this isn't a VM you shouldn't have to make any hardware changes to get server running.


You may want to keep in mind that this processor is quite dated at this stage as it was introduced by Intel Q1 of 2012 and discontinued Q2 of 2015. Considering this platform is almost 8 years old a more modern hardware platform may have a noticeable impact on performance.


For technical specifications on this processor please see the Intel Ark page at:


Thank you so much for that KevinP. Appreciate it a lot.