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Automation to Monitor Alteryx Issues

7 - Meteor



Below are the burning issues right now we are facing frequently:

  1. Alteryx Gallery becomes Unresponsive Intermittently and the only workaround given is to restart the Alteryx Service.
  2. During MongoDB Backup, Queued Schedules go into Completed State. 

We are utilizing Alteryx embedded mongodb to log the workflow executions and other service and gallery components.

I am working on a Powershell script to poll mongodb periodically (say every 15 mins) to check the Diagnostics information, volume of failed workflows and statuses of the workflows to automate timely notification about the Issue with Alteryx.


I do not want to use Alteryx APIs, since if there'd be an issue with the service, the API calls may also not work.

so i am looking for a solution that doesnt go into Alteryx Product but can utilize the Database.


I'm a newbee though with Powershell, so would like to get a helping hand.


Also other suggestions / Inputs would be well appreciated.