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Automating Alteryx Server installation on public Azure

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We are starting to set up an Alteryx environment on Azure and we want to automate installation and configuration as much as possible. In other words we want to be able to stand up and shut down servers automatically including all the components like drivers, macro locations, data sets etc.


We are aiming to achieve this by:


  • provisioning servers via ARM template
  • install and configure Alteryx Server via a deployment script

We are however hitting some snags. These are mainly related to:


  • data connections and associated passwords
  • scheduling token key - how to automatically retrieve / insert
  • macro locations stored in Alteryx Designer on the server

Does anyone here have any experience with this and if so could you please give some general advice or PM me if you prefer.



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does anyone implement the automation of server build? where build server and by using docker/containerization build test and prod in automated way? 

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We did it using ARM templates and scripts.

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 we are trying the automation path in aws, would you like to share your scripts (I'm assuming those are powershell scripts)? . We have looked into chef recipe but hasn't quite worked out for us. 




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@lucian Just came across this post.  We are also looking to automate AWS installations.  Were you able to come up with any automation scripts?  We also don't use Chef.