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App on Gallery suddenly disappearing

Alteryx Partner

Hi community,


This is a really bizarre thing, so bear with me please.I have an app on our company gallery it works fine, multiple users use it without issues. However every couple of months or so the app simply stops working because the file disappears. (I know right? WTH?)


When users go to gallery they click on the app, it appears, they hit "Run" and this error appears:


     Problem Loading App

     The File "J:\Temp\Alteryx\Service\Staging\XProcessCache\D6FS319116676551\Apps name.yxwz" does not exist.


On the System Settings we have:


'J:\Temp\Alteryx\' as Global Workspace

'J:\Temp\Alteryx\Service\Staging' as Workspace

'J:\Temp\Alteryx\Gallery' as Gallery Workspace


The J drive is a local Disk and it has plenty of space. Since those folders are for Alteryx workspace management we don't mess with them, we don't touch them, we don't clean them. In fact the drive is not used for anything else Why on earth would the app give that error?


Is this a physical machine or a virtual machine (if virtual is it on-prem or cloud)?



Alteryx Partner

Hi @patrick_mcauliffe,


Thank you for your reply. Its a VM, and it's on cloud, our own cloud, but still on cloud as is on another business location.

I would get a list of the date/times that the app went unavailable and inquire with the cloud architects about maintenance periods and such.  It doesn't make sense that only one app would be affected, but I've seen stranger things on VM before.  Especially cloud hosted.