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AlteryxGui window not opening while running from Alteryx Gallery

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Hi All,

I have been going through a lot of Alteryx community posts, but could find an answer/solution to my issue.

I have a workflow which does a visual comparison between two workflows. So basically a new Alteryx window pops up and shows the comparison between the two workflows.

Attaching the snip of the result,



This works perfectly fine whenever I try to trigger from my local as well as from server. But when I publish this to the gallery this comparison doesn’t seem to work, i.e., the Alteryx designer doesn’t pop up showing the comparison. Is this happening because the gallery doesn’t support Alteryx Gui.  Please let me know why this issue is happening.

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15 - Aurora

Hi @AnjalyHaridas 

I believe this feature is only to use with Alteryx Designer. Take a look on this document






Best Regards


Carlos A Teixeira
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Thanks @Carlosteixeria for the response. Went through the document and the one mentioned there is about the comparison functionality available inside the Alteryx designer. But the approach we used is ‘AlteryxGUI.exe’. Please find the snip of the same,



This works fine when executing it using the Alteryx Designer, but while uploading the same workflow to the gallery and triggering the workflow it runs successfully, but the Alteryx comparison (the expected output) window doesn’t pop up. Is there any other approach available or is it a Gallery limitation.