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Alteryx Server V3 macros samples

10 - Fireball

@maisonsteyer  is there an example of how to use Server V3 API macros to upload a .yxzp to the server? 


We are unable to figure out how to upload / Pass Workflow Payload to V3 POSt API  with Alteryx itself.      POST Macro - used for updating records 

We are able to connect from UI/Swagger but unable to upload Payload from Postman or Alteryx API that lets workflows upload in V3 version of API from


Background : I am Creating a Migration tool App that will let migrate One workflow from dev server to Prod server by changing the respective Gallery connections and migrating it over to Prod, I am stuck at creating a zip(.yxzp) and migrating/Upload to Prod usign these API's can you help, please. 


Have you successfully configured the Server API Authenticate macro yet? You should be pointing it at the Web API endpoint that has been configured in the Alteryx Server settings:




When you have this first tool successfully configured, it should return the following information: 





You then follow this with the POST tool that has been configured with the following fields included as specified by (required) tags: 


This should allow you to successfully send up one or more workflows to the server: 





18 - Pollux

@BrandonBis correct - and have you installed the .yxi pack? If so - which macro is your blocker the login/authentication macro or the post workflow macro?  Follow the link above to see which fields are required. Those MUST be passed in to to the post workflow macro - and as a reminder your payload should be the location of the workflow (.yxzp) file you are uploading.

8 - Asteroid

@BrandonB , can you please attach the sample workflow that you showed in the screenshot?


Hi @yuriy 


This is purely a mocked up example and by no means an official approach, but feel free to use it as reference and test to ensure that it does what you expect. Workflow attached.


Make sure that you have the V3 macros installed from this link and that you are on a version of Alteryx Server that supports the V3 API: 

8 - Asteroid

Awesome, Thank you so much @BrandonB !