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Alteryx Server Question not appearing

5 - Atom

Hi all,


I have a workflow that is currently in Alteryx Server. However, i cannot see the question that is being setup in my designer. Is there anything i setup wrongly here?




13 - Pulsar

I'm thinking it might be server configuration.  I'm not sure if file browse is blocked in Semi-Safe or Safe mode but check what your setting is withy the Server admin.

6 - Meteoroid

Dont know if this got fixed, but I was having the same issue and all I had to do was re-type my credentials when asked to log in as the user running the workflow.


The password box is greyed out so you need to delete one character and type it back in from the username box for you to be able to type your password. Tick the "make these my default credentials" box and it should be fixed permanently.

User LogIn.png

5 - Atom

I had the same issue.  I was able to resolve it by removing the interface tool that is related to the output.  Originally, I had an file browse tool to ask the user for where they want to save the output file which made sense in the desktop version but on the server you just download the output that's generated or maybe the folder browse tool isn't compatible with the server.  Once I removed the tools related to asking for the save file location the other interface questions showed up.  I hope this helps!

7 - Meteor

Thank you! This resolved the issue I had.