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Alteryx Gallery Output Data - Same Web Page

Alteryx Partner

Alteryx Gallery Output Picture.JPG





The picture above is an output from an App that is on the Public Gallery. Here at my organization, we have applications that produce output Excel files, PDF's, etc. However, we have not yet figured out how to have the output displayed within the browser when published.


I.e. we would like the list/data that we produce to be visualized within that same browser when the run is completed, just as in the attached picture. How do we accomplish this?





@WU1993 Use a render tool to output to a file like "file.pcxml". This will output the pcxml file to the workflow directory at runtime which will get displayed like you're seeing below. 


A render tool will only display reporting snippets, which means you will need to feed your data into something like a table tool first. Have a look at the reporting tools. You may also want to check out some of the Tool Master Series posts

Alteryx Partner

Thanks for your quick and easy to understand response! Makes total sense and worked first try. We use the Reporting tools for our PDF's and what not, but was unfamiliar with the .pcxml file format.


Thanks a lot, Patrick!