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Alteryx Gallery Notification Placeholders

7 - Meteor



I'm looking to customize an email message that is sent by the Alteryx Gallery when a new account is created, but the placeholders aren't working. Is this functionality deprecated?



14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar

Hi @alexvornsand how are you?


So, what's the error?



7 - Meteor

In short, many of the notifications use placeholders like [[Gallery Name]]. I've run into several issues. First, when engaging with the [P] button to insert placeholders, there is no list that populates -- just a freeform field where I can type in a placeholder. Next, there doesn't seem to be any external index of placeholders. Finally, when I try to invoke a placeholder that I know exists, it doesn't populate with information in the notification -- it just treats the placeholder as literal: [[First Name]]. 


The biggest problem seems to be that there isn't a way to connect the placeholder to the piece of information that it ties to. Am I missing something?


Thanks for your help!