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Alteryx Gallery API call from Python

6 - Meteoroid

I'm trying to call Alteryx Gallery REST API from python. For this I had gone through '' selected the endpoint /api/v1/workflows/subscription/ and got the request URL. Copied the URL and pasted in Postman with key and secret got from 'Keys' section in user profile and I can get the response with OAuth1.0. Now I'm trying to do the same with python, unfortunately I'm getting error with (401,
'{"data":null,"exceptionName":"UnauthorizedException","innerExceptionMessage":"","message":"The provided signature(oauth_signature) is invalid."}').


I hope the error is with creating signature. Can you please check and help me to fix the error. I had attached my python script as well.


16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Hi @yashwanth95 ,


I'm not a python developer, so it would be hard to help you debug your script, but check this out and see if it helps you.




Fernando Vizcaino

6 - Meteoroid

Thanks Fernando for your inputs. I had gone through below link as well and fixed the issue.