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Allow user to select method of polygon input in gallery?


I'm making a gallery workflow that includes a search area polygon. While it's nice to draw polygons on the map, it's also nice sometimes to have pre-defined polygons for things like defined city/county/state boundaries.


Is there a way I can do a dropdown of known polygon files OR a map interface?


Hi @StephenMack


Do you have a separate data source containing the other known polygons and their names?


If so you can use this to populate a separate drop down list.


You may need to configure your questions so that you have a set of Radio Buttons.


So the user can chose between:


  • Map interface
  • Known Polygon
  • etc

Then within each Radio Button have the dropdown or interface tool to provide the option required.





Oh interesting, I never considered chaining together the gallery inputs. You're saying I should do something like this?


alteryx radio button.PNG


I think that would solve the problem. And it looks like I can choose to collapse the section that isn't currently in use, so it won't be very confusing for others to use. Thanks!


Yep, that's exactly how I was trying to explain it.


The great thing with Radio buttons is that it means the user can only select one option, and as you have mentioned this then enables the other option(s) to auto collapse too.


Ok I think I'm 99% there but I'm getting a strange error, ever seen this before?


Once I attach the radio button onto the map input, it all of a sudden map input tool grays out the "Reference Layer" options and forces it to "File Browse Question".


alteryx radio button.PNGradio button error.PNG