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Additional components required for New Alteryx Server/Sandbox installation

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HI everyone, new user here. I am helping a customer to purchase and arrange installation of the Server and Sandbox editions. We will be getting an Alteryx partner vendor to do the installation but need to confirm if some or all of the following components are included with the software when installed or do they need to be installed separately:


  • Java SE Runtime Environment 8
  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • Web server
  • MongoDB


In the system requirements it does state “If you are configuring the machine to run a Gallery instance, you must use MongoDB. MongoDB version 4.0 is embedded with Server 2019.3 and newer.” so I guess this means that MongoDB will be there as part of the installation, bur not sure about the other items.


Also any idea if the vendor normally supports the Web server and MongoDB and we do not want to have to support or administer it ourselves?


Hi @stewartc007,


Congratulations on the new Server, I hope you love it. 


- Java SE Runtime Environment 8 and  .NET Framework 4.5 are prerequisites for Server and must be present for installation. This documentation will be helpful.


- Web Server: Server is built with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and will be added with the installer.


- MongoDB: Is also included as the installation process so no need to add this. However, if you want to add your own Mongo instance you may do so with some additional work.


If you are comfortable with administering Server yourself you certainly may (we always encourage self service and the community) but your vendor could manage it for you too. 

I hope this helps