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Access workflow results data from server scheduler- MongoDB possibilities?

I am looking to access data on the results of our server workflows beyond what's available in the "Alteryx Server Usage Report" to get details like what the data inputs and outputs are of each workflow are without having to have our users alter their existing workflows running on the server.


I've been searching around in the Alteryx server's MongoDB databases of "AlteryxGallery" and "AlteryxService" but can't seem to find a collection that has this level of data granularity of the workflow results. Here's an example of the type of data we would love to be able to pull if at all possible.




Apologies if this has been addressed in other posts but I've searched all over! Thanks for the help!




@patrickmckenna88 ,


You can enable logging in System Settings on Alteryx Server - 



Here's a sample log file produced - 



Then, you can parse the log files to parse out the data inputs and outputs using Designer.


This LogParser macro may get you started -!app/Alteryx-Logfile-Parser/5bb48426826fd30c4cd584c4