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Alteryx Promote Knowledge Base

Definitive answers from Promote experts.

Promote Issues – Working with Alteryx Customer Support Engineers (CSEs)


Promote Issues – Working with Alteryx Customer Support Engineers (CSEs)

(for use by CSEs and Alteryx Customers)


To EXPEDITE the resolution of your case, please include the below information.


Promote - Requested Information

  1. A detailed description of the issue 
    • Was the affected model or Promote feature working previously?
    • If so, when did the issue begin?
    • Does it affect all (users, models, logins, nodes) or just some?
    • What commonalities are there among affected
    • Is the issue consistent (every time) or intermittent?
    • What steps seem to cause the issue?
    • What has recently changed? 
  2. Screenshots showing context
  3. All relevant logs
  4. Alteryx Promote Version
  5. Confirm that Promote instance complies with minimum System Requirements
  6. What have you tried already?  (Community articles, Help pages)


For Promote:




If the issue involves Alteryx Designer (Scoring or Deploy tools), please provide a screenshot of Help > About





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