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Promote Issues – Working with Alteryx Customer Support Engineers (CSEs)


Platform Product: Promote Issues – Working with Alteryx Customer Support Engineers (CSEs)
(for use by CSEs and Alteryx Customers)


To EXPEDITE the resolution of your case, please include the below information.


Promote - Requested Information

*** Suggestion: copy/paste the questions below and email the supporting documentation to


1. Detailed description of the Issue

2. Alteryx Version


Promote – Requested Information (Detailed Instructions):


1.  Detailed Description of the Issue – What issues are you having?  Has it worked in the past?  When did the issue start?  Are all users affected or just some?  What are the steps to reproduce your issue?  What have you tried to resolve the issue?  Have you searched the Alteryx Community?



2.  Screenshot of Alteryx Version– Our CSEs need to know the precise version of Alteryx so we can replicate any issues. 


For Promote:




If problem involves Alteryx Designer (Scoring or Deploy tools), please provide version too. In Designer, on your desktop or Server, click Help >> About and provide a screenshot. 

The screenshot will include whether it is Server or Designer.  In addition, whether it is “Running Elevated” Admin vs. Non-Admin.






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