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Golang: Facing Unresolved Dependencies Issue While Building My Alteryx Workflow

7 - Meteor

Hello Alteryx Community,


I hope everyone is doing well. I'm currently working on an Alteryx workflow that requires integration with Golang scripts to process data efficiently. However, I'm encountering a challenging issue related to unresolved dependencies while trying to build my workflow.


Specifically, when executing the Alteryx workflow, I receive an error message indicating that some Golang packages are missing or unresolved. I have double-checked my code and ensured that all necessary packages are imported correctly, but the problem persists.

I suspect this could be related to the interaction between Golang and Alteryx. Has anyone else in the community experienced a similar issue when using Golang within an Alteryx workflow? If so, could you please share any insights or solutions you may have found?


I'm eager to get mys golang cripts to function seamlessly within Alteryx to enhance my data processing capabilities, and any guidance or help would be highly appreciated.


Thank you all for your time and support!