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Alteryx Intelligence Suite for Concur Transactions

5 - Atom

Hello Maveryx!


Our data analytics team is currently working through a pilot leveraging Alteryx Intelligence Suite Machine Learning for Concur Transactions with the objective of finding anomalies and/or fraudulent transactions.  We are still pretty early and would love to know if others have had success using the Intelligence Suite for that purpose?  Or other expense areas (purchase orders, journal vouchers, invoices, etc)?  Would be grateful if you would have an hour available to chat about your lessons learned, tips and tricks from your experience as this is new territory for us.  Appreciate in advance any guidance you have!  


Clay Montgomery

Director Data Analytics and Fraud

Internal Audit at International Paper

12 - Quasar

Hey @ClayMontgomery1, that's an interesting use case. I don't have the Intelligence Suite; I recommend using Python because it is highly customizable to your specific use case.


Here are a few resources:

Python course on fraud detection:

Notebook with examples of fraud detection: