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Test Client


Test Client


The ayx-sdk-cli is the newest addition to the Alteryx Developer Experience product suite. It currently contains the Test Client and is the next iteration of the CLI. The ayx-sdk-cli houses all the functionality for Desktop and future Cloud Developer Experience offerings.

Please note that the ayx-plugin-cli is still required for plugin development until the ayx-sdk-cli has matured.

Get the latest release of ayx-sdk-cli with the Test Client at

The Test Client allows you to test SDK tools in a given workspace. You don't need to create and install a YXI for use by Alteryx Designer. Just give the client a set of inputs and outputs as appropriate, and see if the plugin runs as expected!

Anchor Types

  • input
    • none
    • single-connection: One input source.
    • multi-connection: Multiple input sources.
    • optional (single|multi): None, or some input sources.
  • output
    • none
    • multi-connection: Every output anchor in Alteryx supports multiplexing to numerous tools and resources. For the test client case, it's only 1 output source.

Supported File Types

  • CSV (*.csv)
  • JSON (*.json)
  • NDJSON (*.ndjson)

Note on JSON

Alteryx Designer can write JSON as a JSON Array (*.json). Other utilities, like the Apache Arrow library, write JSON as NDJSON (*.ndjson) (New Line Delimited).

JSON (Array)

        "Field1": 1,
        "Field2": 2,
        "Field3": 3
        "Field1": 4,
        "Field2": 5,
        "Field3": 6
        "Field1": 7,
        "Field2": 8,
        "Field3": 9


{ "Field1": 1, "Field2": 2, "Field3": 3 }
{ "Field1": 4, "Field2": 5, "Field3": 6 }
{ "Field1": 7, "Field2": 8, "Field3": 9 }

Command Syntax

ayx-sdk-cli.exe plugin run [WORKSPACE_PATH]::[PLUGIN_NAME] [--input [--schema]]... --output...

Workspace Path and Plugin Name

Run a plugin (passthrough) inside a workspace directory:

ayx-sdk-cli.exe plugin run Passthrough --input input.csv --output output.csv

Run a plugin (passthrough) in another directory:

ayx-sdk-cli.exe plugin run C:\...\...\...\BaseTools::Passthrough --input input.csv --output output.csv

Anchor Syntax

The anchor syntax is fairly simple. In some cases, you only need to provide a path to the filename. In other cases, you might need to supply the anchor it's going to and potentially a format. The test client tries its best to take any given file and read and write it correctly based on its file extension. Sometimes this is not possible (reading from stdin or writing to stdout with no file extension available).

If the anchor only has 1 input or output anchor, the test client successfully binds any sources to it (based on --input or --output flags). In all other cases, you must supply an anchor name with @ANCHOR_NAME syntax. Just to be sure, a multi-connection tool has a single anchor but allows multiple connections, so --input file.csv --input file.csv --input file.csv works (only 1 input anchor is available, named "Input").

If you forget to supply enough inputs or outputs, supply too many, or supply an incorrect anchor name, the test client detects this early and generates an error. This is also the case if you forget to specify a type for input and output types like stdin and stdout.


Example 1

These are examples of the test client that is satisfied with the syntax (Passthrough tool):

ayx-sdk-cli.exe Passthrough --input input.csv --output output.csv
ayx-sdk-cli.exe Passthrough --input input.csv:json --output output.csv:json             // parses as JSON!
ayx-sdk-cli.exe Passthrough --input input.csv:json --output output.csv:ndjson           // parses as NDJSON!
ayx-sdk-cli.exe Passthrough --input input.csv:csv@Input --output output.csv:csv@Output
ayx-sdk-cli.exe Passthrough --input input.csv@Input --output output.csv@Output
ayx-sdk-cli.exe Passthrough --input input.csv:csv@Input --output :csv                   // stdout
ayx-sdk-cli.exe Passthrough --input input.csv:csv@Input --output stdout:csv             // also stdout
ayx-sdk-cli.exe Passthrough --input input.csv:csv@Input --output stdout:csv@Output      // also stdout

Example 2

These are examples of the test client that is not satisfied with the syntax (Passthrough tool):

ayx-sdk-cli.exe Passthrough --input input.csv --input input2.csv --output.csv           // too many inputs
ayx-sdk-cli.exe Passthrough --input input.csv --output input.csv                        // input and output sources cannot be the same
ayx-sdk-cli.exe Passthrough --input input.csv:json --output.csv:json@Output2            // Output2 is non-existent
ayx-sdk-cli.exe Passthrough --input input.csv:csv@Input --output stdout                 // needs format
ayx-sdk-cli.exe Passthrough --input input.csv:csv@Input --output stdout@Output          // needs format

Example 3

These are examples of something unusual, like the Optional tool:

ayx-sdk-cli.exe Optional --input input.csv --output output.csv       // ok
ayx-sdk-cli.exe Optional --output output.csv                         // also ok
ayx-sdk-cli.exe Optional --input input.csv --output input.csv        // input/output cannot share sources

Example 4

These are examples of the test client with a Multi-Connection tool:

ayx-sdk-cli.exe MultiConnection 
    --input input.csv --input input.csv --input input.csv --input input.csv --input input.csv 
    --output output_one.csv@Output1 --output output_two.csv@Output2 --output output_three.csv@Output3 --output output_four.csv@Output4 --output output_five.csv@Output5     // ok!, input gets auto-mapped (multi-connection, but one anchor)
ayx-sdk-cli.exe MultiConnection 
    --input input.csv --input input.csv --input input.csv --input input.csv --input input.csv 
    --output output_one.csv@Output1 --output output_two.csv@Output2 --output output_three.csv@Output3 --output output_four.csv@Output4                                      // error! forgot Output5!
ayx-sdk-cli.exe MultiConnection 
    --input input.csv --input input.csv --input input.csv --input input.csv --input input.csv 
    --output output_one.csv@Output1 --output output_two.csv@Output2 --output output_three.csv@Output3 --output output_four.csv@Output4 --output output_five.csv@Output6     // error! no Output 6!

Advanced Usage

Piping from stdin to stdout.

cat some_file.txt | ayx-sdk-cli.exe Passthrough --input :csv --output :csv

Contents of some_file.txt:


This doesn't require a schema:

  • stdin is valid. It can be shared amongst any inputs, like a file.
  • stdount is not valid. Similar to a file, multiple outputs can't write to it.


cat some_file.txt | ayx-sdk-cli.exe Passthrough 
    --input :csv
    --input :csv
    --input :csv
    --input :csv
    --input :csv
    --output :csv@Output1
    --output :csv@Output2
    --output :csv@Output3
    --output :csv@Output4
    --output :csv@Output5

Test Client Command Reference

Using Help

The test client itself offers help at any stage of the program. Just include --help where it's needed.

Help from the Root

ayx-sdk-cli.exe --help

Help from Sub-Commands

ayx-sdk-cli.exe extension --help    # help for extension
ayx-sdk-cli.exe plugin --help       # help for plugin
ayx-sdk-cli.exe plugin run --help   # help for plugin/run
ayx-sdk-cli.exe self --help         # help for self

Global Settings


Specify this to answer yes to all prompts and run non-interactively.


Specify the number of threads to be used by the test client. The default is the number of CPU/cores on the machine. You might want to adjust this if important tasks are being run in the background.


This configures the logging options. You can specify log output to stdout or file. The default format is Human but you can specify other formats, such as Bunyan or JSON, as well.

The default logging level is INFO, which is what should be used most of the time. Other logging levels are more verbose, such as TRACE, DEBUG, and WARN ERROR.


Log to stdout or file (default is stdout).


Output location of a file log. If the file already exists, the test client appends to it.


The test client supports human-readable (default), Bunyan, and JSON.


Set the log level for the test client. By default this is INFO. Some levels might be extremely verbose.

INFO (default)
ayx-sdk-cli.exe plugin run BaseTools\::Passthrough --input input.csv --output test.csv
2022-10-17T19:34:50.144008Z  INFO ayx_sdk_cli::cli: User invocation command="ayx-sdk-cli.exe plugin run BaseTools\\::Passthrough --input input.csv --output test.csv"
2022-10-17T19:34:50.151119Z  INFO ayx_sdk_cli::commands::plugin::run: Extension loaded extension="Passthrough v2.0.0 (runtime target: ayx-sdk-extension-python-3_8_5)"
2022-10-17T19:34:50.153458Z  INFO ayx_sdk_cli::commands::plugin::run: Async threadpool threadpool_size=16
2022-10-17T19:34:50.164368Z  INFO plugin_execution: ayx_sdk_cli::plugin::tool_process: Extension runtime spawned runtime_pid=11592
/ayx-sdk-cli.exe plugin run BaseTools\::Passthrough --input input.csv --output output.csv --log-level debug
2022-10-17T18:57:02.814839Z  INFO ayx_sdk_cli::cli: User invocation command="ayx-sdk-cli.exe plugin run BaseTools\\::Passthrough --input input.csv --output test.csv --log-level debug"
2022-10-17T18:57:02.822777Z DEBUG plugin_execution: ayx_sdk_cli::plugin::tool_process: Spawning extention runtime... command="python"
2022-10-17T18:57:02.826512Z DEBUG plugin_execution: ayx_sdk_cli::commands::plugin::run::tool_service: Attempting to acquire extension runtime tool service port assignment...
2022-10-17T18:57:03.602284Z  INFO plugin_execution: ayx_sdk_cli::commands::plugin::run::tool_service: Acquired port from runtime tool service tool_service_port=53241
2022-10-17T18:57:03.602301Z  INFO plugin_execution: tool_client: Connecting to extension runtime tool service tool_service_address="http://localhost:53241"




Show the available list of shells for which the test client can provide an auto-completion script.

ayx-sdk-cli.exe completion list


Provide the auto-completion script for a given shell.

Step 1: Create a new completion file.

ayx-sdk-cli.exe completion show powershell > $profile/ayx-sdk-cli-completions.ps1

Step 2: Add the following to the end of $profile.

. $PSScriptRoot\ayx-sdk-cli-completions.ps1



List extensions found in the current workspace.

ayx-sdk-cli.exe extension list
Found 9 extension(s):
- ConversionPassthrough v1.0.0 (runtime target: ayx-sdk-extension-python-3_8_5)
- Input v2.0.0 (runtime target: ayx-sdk-extension-python-3_8_5)
- Optional v2.0.0 (runtime target: ayx-sdk-extension-python-3_8_5)
- Passthrough v2.0.0 (runtime target: ayx-sdk-extension-python-3_8_5)
- MultipleInputs v2.0.0 (runtime target: ayx-sdk-extension-python-3_8_5)
- DcmInput v1.0.0 (runtime target: ayx-sdk-extension-python-3_8_5)
- MultiConnection v2.0.0 (runtime target: ayx-sdk-extension-python-3_8_5)
- MultipleOutputs v2.0.0 (runtime target: ayx-sdk-extension-python-3_8_5)
- Output v2.0.0 (runtime target: ayx-sdk-extension-python-3_8_5)


Provide information about a specific extension.

ayx-sdk-cli.exe extension info Passthrough
Name           : Passthrough
Package Name   : N/A
Description    : An example single-input-single-output tool. This tool takes data from the input anchor and, without changing it, writes it to the output anchor.
Kind           : com.alteryx.sdk.tool
Version        : 2.0.0
Runtime Target : ayx-sdk-extension-python-3_8_5
Category       : Python SDK Examples
Copyright      : 2022



Runs a given set of inputs against an SDK plugin. Shows any messages from the plugin in stdout, including responses. Writes any outputs to the specified outputs given.

ayx-sdk-cli.exe plugin run [WORKSPACE_PATH]::[PLUGIN_NAME] --input <[SOURCE][:TYPE[:OPTIONS]][@ANCHOR]> --output <[DESTINATION][:TYPE[:OPTIONS]][@ANCHOR]> --runtime-command



Updates the test client to the latest version.

ayx-sdk-cli.exe self update
Checking target-arch... x86_64-pc-windows-msvc
Checking current version... v2022.7.1
Checking latest released version...


Displays the test client version.

ayx-sdk-cli.exe version
ayx-sdk-cli 2022.7.1