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Where can I find documentation on `JsEvent`?

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Where can I find documentation on `JsEvent` method?


declare const JsEvent: (Event: string, item: object, context?: IContext) => Promise<unknown>;



The UI-SDK page only shows how to list all the supported events, but I can't find anything that explains what these events do, their possible options, and their outputs. More specifically, is it possible to specify "FileBrowse" to filter for something like "*.csv" files instead of the default "*.yxmd;*.wmdl;*.yxwz;*.yxmc;*.yxzp;*.yxi;*.yxwg"?


const filePath = await JsEvent('FileBrowse', {})



Or is there a similar "DirectoryBrowse" option to select directories instead of files, like the built-in Directory tool?

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I've gathered a number of JsEvents and their arguments here for anyone interested, but it is nowhere near an exhaustive list: