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Using JsEvent("GetFileContents") for large files

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It seems that `JsEvent("GetFileContents")` will fail (return an empty string) if it tries to read a file that is too big. Somewhere around 1 MB is the limit.


Is there any way around this?


Currently I have to chunk my data across multiple files so that the UI can read it with `JsEvent("GetFileContents")`.



def on_complete(self) -> None:
    chunk_size = 1000000 # This is a good size to prevent GetFileContents from failing
    for index in range(0, len(, chunk_size):
        chunk = data[index:index + chunk_size]
        with open(self.provider.environment.create_temp_file(), "w") as data_file:
void (async () => {
  const chunks = []
  for (const dataFile in dataFiles) {
    chunks.push(await JsEvent('GetFileContents', { Path: dataFile }))
  const data = chunks.join()



But I also have other files I'd like to read that I cannot simply chunk.