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Python SDK V2: with two custom tools the flow will endlessly keep running

6 - Meteoroid

Hi all,


Some context: we are building a custom tool for Alteryx Designer with the Platform SDK. We had an integration, but due to some issues with the first version of the Python SDK we have to migrate to V2. So currently we are in the process of manually migrating, this with the documentation.

We have a microservices architecture and therefore we had multiple tools which could be combined in a flexible manner. For the migration we made new tools with the ayx_plugin_cli which generates a template to start from and from there we port the UI and the Python "backend" manually.


The first migration is done so we started on a second tool. That's when we noticed we couldn't run a workflow when we had two custom tools to get some results, it just keeps running on and on.


For testing purposes (reproduction steps) we just created a tool with the ayx_plugin_cli to have a bare minimum to make a custom plugin (so this results in a "passthrough" tool that just takes the input and passes it to the output). When you place two of those components right after each other and hit "Run", then it keeps running endlessly.


Screenshot 2022-05-16 at 18.36.28.png


We would love any feedback.


Thanks in advance!