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Multiple optional inputs: "Err..: You have found a bug. Replicate, then let us know..."

6 - Meteoroid

Hi all,


Some context: we are building a custom tool for Alteryx Designer with the Platform SDK. We had an integration, but due to some issues with the first version of the Python SDK we have to migrate to V2. So currently we are in the process of manually migrating, this with the documentation.

One of the issues was optional inputs: they didn't work. So after connecting with support etc. we got the news this should be fixed with V2. Due to changes we also had to rethink the interfaces of our tools. We thought for creating the best possible user experience we could work with 2 optional inputs:


- First input: if the tool (ex. forecasting) is dependent on a previous tool (uploading dataset), then connect the output of the first tool in the workflow to the optional input of this tool.

- Second input: if some connector of Alteryx was used, for instance for using a csv file, then a user could connect this connector to this second optional input. In our tool we could use this metadata so a user gets a select box to select a column name. (So this input is optional because it is used when the first input has a connection and the user wants a better experience)


Then there are multiple scenarios:

1. Both not connected (This is okay but has something quirky, read more about a second problem later)

Both not connected (kind of okay... read second problem later on)Both not connected (kind of okay... read second problem later on)


 2. Both connected (to provide a better user experience, a user can select a column name from the csv)

Both optional inputs connected for better user experienceBoth optional inputs connected for better user experience


3 & 4: only one connected

One optional input connected => BUGOne optional input connected => BUG


As you can see in the screenshots, optional inputs with V2 kind of works if you don't have more than one. If a subset of the optional inputs is connected, then Designer states:

Error: {your tool}: You have found a bug.  Replicate, then let us know.  We shall fix it soon.



Second problem:

If you look closely at the first scenario, then you can see another peculiarity in the "Results - Workflow - Messages" section:

The tool starts and ends 3 times?


We would love any feedback.


Thanks in advance!