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DEV_Harness and Alteryx UI rendering issue

7 - Meteor

I'm trying to use Alteryx UI, but once I provide the 'designer-install' command, the tool simply has a blank for UI in the 'configuration' tab of the designer. Having this issue, I thought it would help if I ran dev-harness to debug the issue but after running into issues such as incompatible nodes during 'npm install' and chokidar locking resources during 'npm run start', which I was able to resolve to see a blank webpage. Please provide any possible solutions.


I've tried installations as mentioned in the custom tool Quickstart and have uninstalled all previous versions of node.


I've also tried deleting package-lock.json and node modules hoping 'npm install' would repair it but the issue persists. 


Alteryx version 2023.1.1.2



7 - Meteor

I was able to resolve it thanks to the steps mentioned here. To put it simply there is a node module incompatibility in my repo cloning so I had to delete it and clone it again which resolved all incompatible modules.