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Allowing Addition of Rules in the Configuration window

5 - Atom

I am trying to create a tool (using the Python SDK) that allows users to create new rules. Basically, I am trying to recreate the "+" functionality of the Formula tool so that the user may add rules as per their wish.


When the tool is dragged onto the Canvas, the user will be presented with a blank, default UI, just like in case of the Formula tool and they can configure a rule. They would further be able to add a new rule, just like how the Formula tool allows addition of new columns.


Is there any way to achieve this through the SDK?

15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Hi @potasod 
In short - the answer to your question is: Absolutely!
You can do almost anything with the SDK regarding creating a tool interface. The issue may be translating that into the logic that is passed into the tool, however, I am sure it is possible.
Unfortunately, I am not an expert in this field (but wanted to get back to you on it as i appreciate you have yet to have a reply), the above source should help you get started on this.


Kind Regards,