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InboundNamedPipe Error when writing out a Tableau .Hyper file




When writing out data to a .hyper file (using the Output Tool or the Publish To Tableau Server Tool), the Alteryx Designer throws the following error :


Designer x64 The Designer x64 reported: InboundNamedPipe::ReadFile: Not enough bytes read. The pipe has been ended







This error is triggered when trying to load a standard string (V_string or String) that contains extended ASCII characters 128-255 into a Tableau Hyper file. Tableau only supports valid UTF8 strings.


This can be verified by converting the strings to UTF8 with the ConverToCodePage function using a Formula tool:








  1. Strip the extended ASCII characters using a Data Cleansing tool.
  2. Convert all "String" or "V_string" to "V_WString" or "WString" using the Select tool.


Solution B


  1. Upgrade to Alteryx Designer ≥ 2018.3.


Solution C


  1. If all the above did not solve the issue, please open a support ticket in the Case Portal.