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Sub-headers/Sub-fields in Reporting Tables

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

If you’ve gotten accustomed to having headers and sub-headers (fields/sub-fields) in your tables, much like those you can build with the “Merge & Center” Excel feature, you’ll be happy to hear with just a couple formatting steps we can build the format below:




In Alteryx, with similar formatting:




The attached workflow goes into the details of the approach, but the essence is below:


  1. Split your columns/fields your desired categories (making them sub-headers)
  2. Create tables from your categories, add your supra-headers
  3. Combine the reporting elements we have now, use the Union Tool to stack and the Summarize Tool to combine the reporting elements horizontally
  4. Combine your sub-tables into a larger table, if needed (adding another header)


There you have it! Your tables are now rendered in style.

8 - Asteroid

I have an Excel file which contains two headers (the top one is usually merged) and i need both of them. How can i use this in Alteryx? Can i combine the 2 together so that each month has the top header name in it? 


The brand column at the top is actually merged all the way across but for some reason doesn't show on here.



QTR ending May-19Apr-19May-19QTR ending Feb-19QTR ending May-19
Alteryx Partner

@MattD If I want the results of your flow to be in excel (.xlxs) format, can I do it?