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Nicholas or Nick(name) - A Guide to Tweaking your Fuzzy Matching

The Fuzzy Match Tool has the ability to match first names against a set of Nicknames to help return better matches. The Nickname table (which can be found at C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\RuntimeData\FuzzyMatch icknames) is used as a lookup within the Fuzzy Match tool when you select it as an option. Selecting “Name w/ Nickname” as your Match Style automatically selects the Common Nicknames table, but often users would like to add to this list or even create their own custom table. This article will walk you through how to edit this list, and provide you with some tips and tricks when matching with nicknames.

Creating a Nickname table

The nickname table is installed by default in C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\RuntimeData\FuzzyMatch icknames and is saved as an Alteryx database file (.yxmd). We can easily pull this into Alteryx to add additional names, or we can even generate our own table. The .yxdb file contains 2 fields:
Full Name goes hereNickname goes here

Adding Additional Names:1.pngCreating your own file:2.pngOnce the file is created, place the .yxmd in the directory above. You should now be able to see multiple tables available from the dropdown within the tool.:


Tips and Tricks when working with Nicknames

  • Set Generate Keys to “None” when using the Names w/ Nicknames match style IF you have the First Name in a single field.
  • If your name is contained in a single field (John Smith or Smith, John), you will want to select a method to Generate Keys and check the box “Generate Keys for Each Word”.
  • The “Soundex” method of generating keys is generally preferred when working with names.
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