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How to add an example link in the custom tool


How to add an example link in the custom tool

This article shows the steps to include an "Open Example" link at the bottom of the custom tool. Here is an example of the link in the "Auto Field" tool.

idea Skyscrapers


  • Alteryx Designer


  1. Place the sample workflow in the %ALTERYX_INSTALL%\Alteryx\Samples\%LANG%. A separate folder can be created to store the workflow. An example of a directory: C:\Program Files\Alteryx\Samples\en\MyTest
  2. Add in the "Example" tag with "Description" and "File" child tag in the tool configuration file of the custom/user tool.
            Open Example
            Path to the workflow

Here is an example of the tool configuration file:

idea Skyscrapers

NOTE: The %ALTERYX_INSTALL% is the folder where Alteryx Designer is installed in. For example, c:\Program Files.
The %LANG% is the language that is used in the Designer. The possible values are:
de, es, en, fr, ja, pt, zh.


  • The sample workflow can only exist in %ALTERYX_INSTALL%\Alteryx\Samples\%LANG%. The link will fail  if the file is located in a different path.
  • The sample workflow needs to be distributed separately from the custom tool installation since it has to be stored in %ALTERYX_INSTALL%\Alteryx\Samples\%LANG%.
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