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How To Use the R Tool with Packages Compatible with R Version 4.1.3


How To Use the R Tool with Packages Compatible with R Version 4.1.3

When using the R tool, packages can be downloaded from CRAN and installed for use as part of the code.  It is important that the version of R installed in Designer and Server be compatible with the package version.  For workflows using R version 4.0.5 and corresponding packages, no changes are necessary.  If R Packages are more recent and require a more recent version of R, users will need to upgrade their R version to 4.1.3, and therefore also upgrade Designer (and Server, if the workflow is to be published and scheduled) to version 2022.1 (or more recent version matching the R installer).  Please also recall that the version of Server must be the same as or higher than the version of Designer and that we recommend that customers plan upgrades of their production servers and test upgrade versions on a dev server in advance.


  •  Alteryx Designer
    • Version 2022.1 or later
    • RInstaller_2022.1.1.26753.exe or later
    • RNonAdminInstall_2022.1.1.25127.exe or later
  • Alteryx Server
    • Version 2022.1.1.26753 or later


  1. If you are already running version 2022.1, either Designer or Server you can download and run just the 2022.1 RInstaller (or if it's a Non-Admin Designer, the RNonAdminInstall) without changing the base product version.
  2. Follow the instructions in the Help to download the necessary installer package(s) from
  3. If you are upgrading the version of Designer, run that installer first, then run the corresponding RInstaller (Non-Admin if appropriate).
  4. If you are upgrading Server, you needn't download the separate RInstaller, but you must select the option to install the Predictive Tools as part of the Server installation. 
  5. If you have upgraded Designer or Server and you also license Alteryx Intelligence Suite, then download and run the matching version of the Alteryx Intelligence Suite installer as well.

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