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How To: Connect to Sharepoint with Alteryx


This KB is an extract of the Inspire 2019 Tips + Tricks and although this tip is not officially supported by Alteryx, we’ve seen it work for a lot of users.

  • Product - Alteryx Designer
    • Version 2019.3+
  • Product - Microsoft Sharepoint


Reading and writing to document libraries in Sharepoint consists in creating a OneDrive sync to your local machine:
  1. Navigate to your library in SharePoint and choose sync: idea Skyscrapers
    • Run through the OneDrive Sync setup until it has been created on the machine - Make a note of the path selected for the sync. idea Skyscrapers
      • Now that the library is synced with a local folder, you can read/write to it using Alteryx Designer: idea Skyscrapers
        • In this example I am writing out a .yxdb file to the local folder
      • Verify that this file is written on the local folder idea Skyscrapers
        • Verify that this file is synced with the Sharepoint library idea Skyscrapers

          Common Issues

          This trick is applicable to Designer usage only.

          When implementing this to an Alteryx Server, you will need to :
          • Make sure the mapping is the same for both Client and Server
          • Provide the a Run As user / any specific user's credentials with access to that mapped SP location to read and write from.
          Additionally, workflows implementing this trick cannot be scheduled. As per this update on our Idea forum, a Windows limitation causes Server to be unable to input information into the related dynamic Windows pop-up.

          Additional Resources



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          Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

          Great article @JohnGD thanks for sharing

          8 - Asteroid

          OMG! I've been trying to find a solution for weeks! YAY!


          Thanks @JohnGD!

          7 - Meteor

          Great article!  I shared this today with some of my students!

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          thanks for the useful article @JohnGD 

          in my organisation Sharepoint is synced on alteryx server.

          i am trying to write out to an excel on Sharepoint.

          The file in my Output tool matches the file in the synced folder, the event log shows this tool executed without errors and that it output the 2 records i need but when i check the excel on Sharepoint its empty.

          So everything seems successful, no errors and i can't debug...

          I am able to read Sharepoint files into the worklow but i can't write / overwrite them, any ideas why is appreacied 🙂