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GCSE-396:Error:"Unable to open <file>" is returned from Image Input tool when the File Path is longer than 260 characters


Error: "Unable to open <file>" 


Environment Details

Image Input tool is unable to read the images if the length of the path (including filename) exceeds 260 characters in Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019. However, there is no issue with Windows Server 2016. The long file path has been enabled in Windows.

Unable to open <file>
  • Alteryx Designer
    • Version(s): 2021.3, 2021.4.1
  • Alteryx Intelligence Suite
  • Enable long file path in Windows
  • Windows
    • Server 2019
    • Windows 10




GCSE-396/TDST-2802 has been logged to address this.




Solution A


As a workaround, avoid using a long file path. Store the images for processing in a shorter file path.

Solution B

Upgrade to Designer version 2021.3.6 or Designer version 2022.1.1.

There are two parts to the fix for this issue. 
1. The frontend: The Browse button in the Image Input tool
2. The backend: The actual processing of the file

Please note that the delivered fix addresses the backend part, that is, the actual processing of the file can now take in more than 260 characters. The frontend part will be addressed in future releases. The workaround for the frontend issue will be to copy and paste the long file path directly into the "Enter Folder" text box. File path that is shorter than 260 characters can still utilize the "Browse" button.