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Error: The field “[field_name]” is missing. Compare the tool configuration with the input stream


Environment Details

Note: In versions prior to 2021.1.4, this error message text is "The field "[field_name]" is not contained in the record."
  • Alteryx Designer
    • All versions
  • Impacted Tools
    • Arrange
    • Create Points
    • Cross Tab
    • DateTime
    • Distance
    • Download
    • Dynamic Input
    • Dynamic Replace
    • Email
    • Filter
    • Find Nearest
    • Find Replace
    • Fuzzy Match
    • Generate Rows
    • Interactive Chart
    • JSON Parse
    • Join
    • Join Multiple
    • Layout
    • Multi-Row Formula
    • Output Data
    • Poly Build
    • RegEx
    • Render
    • Running Total
    • Sample
    • Sort
    • Spatial Info
    • Spatial Match
    • Spatial Process
    • Summarize
    • Summarize In-DB
    • Table
    • Text To Columns
    • Tile
    • Trade Area
    • Unique
    • User Macros
    • XML Parse


Something changed in the metadata, and the field/ column is no longer available. Perhaps the name was changed upstream or deselected in an intermediate tool. For example, if the Summarize tool returns this message, it means that the column it was expecting to summarize is no longer in the data stream (and is followed by the {Action} that the Summarize tool was performing).


Compare the tool configuration with the input stream. Trace backwards from the erroring tool to find out where the column went “missing.” See Cross Tab image below.

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5 - Atom

Hello, I am getting this error when running my macro, but do not see the field in a select tool. Do you have any suggestions?


You should open up your macro and see what field names you have throughout.  If you need assistance and you hold a paid license, you can open a case with Customer Support to help you.  They will need for you to provide your macro and possibly some sample data as well.

6 - Meteoroid

I'm getting this error, but it's not giving me a field name, just a pair of empty double quotes.
There are 4 fields in my formula, they are all numbers, they are all going into the formula tool, and they all have a value for every record.

Is my Alteryx just broken?



Is it possible that there is a field somewhere that is implied but not actually defined?  Perhaps a space in an upstream Select tool in the "Rename" column?  Maybe a pair of brackets in a Formula Expression?   You might find it helpful to look at the Metadata at every connection tracing back from the point of the error.Places to check for "empty" field names.Places to check for "empty" field names.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

hi @RobPearce, to bounce off Lisa's post a little bit, when there is a field somewhere that is implied but not actually defined (the error contains empty double quotes), often the Output Column has not been configured; i.e. you did not give your new field a name. Can you verify on your end?




6 - Meteoroid

Found my problem:  I'd added a second "expression" that I hadn't done anything with - i.e. no column selected, and no actual expression written - And Alteryx couldn't deal with its existence.