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strange behavior| Iterative macro config: auto config by name/position or all itteration


Hi all I'm having this weird actions with my macro when I open interface designer and choose the macro to be auto config by name or position i get only 1 result but if I do the same selecting all itteration option instead then everything run smooth and I get my 600K+ line straight.


Could someone advise if I miss something here I have added a select tool to make sure the error wasn't caused by the size of my column but everything seems fine



see print screen below


Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @Charley 

Try to add a Browse tool after you macro in your workflow and run it again.

You should have all your results.






As @Thableaus correctly pointed out, you will need a downstream tool connected to your batch macro in order to see all your processed records.

This behaviour dates back to the pre-browse-everywhere era, when you needed a browse tool to see any outputs within the designer. Without a downstream tool connected, the batch macro stops after processing the first record.


thanks work perfectly!