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sFTP - Download files and header information using Alteryx Designer Tool called DOWNLOAD

9 - Comet

1.  Start with an  Text Input Tool .  I have called it URL and see the data 


2. Bring in a tool called 'Download'

3. configure it as follows ( to get header information of files ) 



step 4. Connection tab ( enter USER/password) 

step 5.  So far we have defined URL ( via input text)  and this download tool  will produce DownloadData and DownloadHeaders string variables 

Step 6 . Split variable DownloadData into rows ( Delimiters \n) { split into rows by using tool called 'text to Columns' 

Step 7. DownloadData will have Time stamp and File Name towards end 

Step 8 . work on some RegEx tool  or some  other formula  commands to get the information  you want 

Step 9 . How to read that file - coming soon ...

9 - Comet

Tool RegEx - use this ([A-Z][a-z]{2}\s+\d{1,2}(?:\s+\d{4})?\s+\d{2}:\d{2}) to get TimeStamp ( some expert has a posting in this forum and I am just cutting and pasting a portion - Parse sFTP file listing with REGEX )