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removing rows based off criteria in other rows




I am new to the form. I am really stumped on this one.  If in Excel I would just use a VBA loop but not sure how to achieve in Alteryx.


Essentially below is the data that is fed into Alteryx. It is sorted by item, Store, and date. I need it to take this information and spit out a count by store/item of how many consecutive days in a row (starting yesterday) the store/item has had a positive number in Cases_Out.


So the below would feed into Alteryx 


2/13/20206042255798MJ SPICY CRAB ROLL54
2/12/20206042255798MJ SPICY CRAB ROLL25
2/11/20206042255798MJ SPICY CRAB ROLL4
2/10/20206042255798MJ SPICY CRAB ROLL0
2/13/20206042144971145MJ PHILLY ROLL3
2/12/20206042144971145MJ PHILLY ROLL0
2/11/20206042144971145MJ PHILLY ROLL0
2/10/20206042144971145MJ PHILLY ROLL1
2/13/2020604254487CJ POPEYE0
2/12/2020604254487CJ POPEYE0
2/11/2020604254487CJ POPEYE0
2/10/2020604254487CJ POPEYE5


and come out presented like...


6042144971145MJ PHILLY ROLL1


Important to note:

  1. I only want to count consecutive days out starting yesterday. So if Cases_out yesterday was 0 then all rows with that item/store can be removed even if prior days had positive out number.
  2. The pull only goes back 3 weeks so the business_date column will always start yesterday but will never go farther back then 3 weeks.
  3. There will be many store/item combinations but I want the above done for every unique item/store combination.


Any help much appreciated. I went down the path of trying to figure this out with a multi-row formula but am beyond myself and need some help.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @jam1531 ,


I'm attaching an example showing how to do it.


Take a look and let me know if this works for you.


Fernando Vizcaino