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numbers outputting "-3.7E-11" and I just want "0"


Hey guys,


I am pulling account balances from excel and some are outputting in the form "-##.#E-##". It should output "0", and I want to see if there is a formula to look for this "E-" in the output to write an if to change it to "0". Thanks!

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey @all163 


That usually means that the number is too big to fit in the cell.....try making a fixed decimal to see what the actual number is....then you can change it to zero if you want to


This is an abbreviation of a very small number. If you want it rounded to an integer you can change the data type with a select tool and it will round to the nearest whole number. If you want to round to a number of decimal places, you can use a fixed decimal data type and change the number after the decimal to however many places you would like. 


I cannot edit it at the input point because I run this platform weekly with new data, can I do that in alteryx?


You can change this after the data is brought in by using a select tool and changing the data type from the drop down.






My apologies, I missed you said by adding a select tool. That worked! So easy, thanks!