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error while writing data to excel

7 - Meteor

Im trying to write data to an excel file which has multiple sheets (To Sheet A) and also it has pivots in the same excel file in some other sheets(in Sheet B).

Alteryx is not throwing any error while writing data to excel but once the ran is complete and when I try to open the excel file, Excel shows "We found a problem with some content in "Excel Name". Do you want to us to recover as much as you we can?" .


If I try to recover, all the filters in the pivots are gone.


Can somebody  suggest me where I am missing?

Thank you,


Can you try doing a File -> Save as and save it as an xlsx file and then point the workflow to that new file? I wonder if something is corrupted in your main Excel file and this may fix it. 

7 - Meteor

I tried this but still I got the same error.


@redsanjay ,

I find that when this excel error pops up, that it is rarely for the same reason.  Here are some of my quick fixes:

  *  Clearing the errors in the Excel Names Manager

  *  Creating the sheet first within Excel and using the overwrite options in your output configuration

  *  Saving as XLSM has worked for many

  *  Also, double check that your sheetnames are under 30 characters and do not contain any invalid characters e.g. ("[", ":", etc).  

10 - Fireball

Another instance that can cause the above error when opening excel (even though alteryx shows no errors):


If you are running the gallery version of the workflow locally in your alteryx designer instead of on the gallery as an end user, and then you try to open the generated files from the /temp folder that alteryx created for you when you ran the workflow, the filepath might be so long that the excel file somehow gets corrupted.


The solution is to first save the workflow from the gallery to your computer locally, then do your changes + tests (excel will no longer give that error), then re-upload it. It will work for end users fine.

6 - Meteoroid

Will never understand why, but .xlsm did the trick for me!