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determining parent of leaf node in Multilevel Hierarchy

7 - Meteor

Hello Community, I need your help, i have to determine the Parent (FS Item) of each GL code in a chart of accounts however the leaf node can occur at any point in the hierarchy, so for example Parent of GL2 is Parent H and Parent of GL1 is Parent E. In each case i need the data 1 Level up from the leaf node. Please find attached the example file.


Thank you

22 - Nova
22 - Nova

Hi @KkT 


Here is how you can do it.




1. Using record id to set row id

2. Using transpose tool to convert columns to rows.

3. Using multi-row formula tool finding row above GL (GL Parent)

4. Filtering only GL rows.

5. Using find and replace to map back GL Parent to main data.


Hope this helps : )


7 - Meteor

thank you so much @atcodedog05   🙂 i really appreciate your super quick response!I am adapting this and will let you know how it goes!