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determine language of text

11 - Bolide

Could I use regex to determine if a Facebook text string is in English or Spanish? or would I just use Watson or other API? 

Appreciate any feedback on this!



Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Hey Simon!


I built out a macro that uses the Google Translate API to translate text fields - it also has a feature to detect the language (it will output the detected language as well) before translating. You can take a look at the macro on our gallery here. Feel free to give it a whirl! You should be able to hijack the basic functionality to make calls to a free translation service's API as well. If you prefer the regex or matching approach, I'd take a look at the special characters specific to Spanish lexicon and try to match on those (try the tilde or inverted exclamation).


Best regards,

Matt D

11 - Bolide

thanks Matt - I will take a look and get back to you. Appreciate it!


5 - Atom

I'm running into a similar kind of problem. I am new to APIs and facing issue while configuring Detect Language API ( into Alteryx.



The result that I see is:



My configuration in Download tool is:







Wondering if anyone would know why am I getting a Bad request error?