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alteryx server usage report - cannot connect

8 - Asteroid

Hello, I have just downloaded the report as it will be useful to audit my server but I am unable to connect

I am RDC'ed onto the server and running it from designer on the server.


I have left the database host settings as they started out but get this message:-


Error: Alteryx Server Usage Report (8): Tool #73: Mongo Error (getCollectionNames) : { msg:"Authentication failed.: generic server error" code: Authentication failed.: generic server error }



I have also tried replacing localhost with the ip address of the server but get the same error.


any suggestions would be greatfully appreciated





9 - Comet

Have you changed the password to match the one in your server configuration settings?

Alteryx Partner

@SteveKnapper -- Did you figure out why you got this error or how to fix it?


@DavidxL -- In my case, I did copy and paste the password from the Persistence page in the Alteryx Server configuration.






Additional search terms: Mongo Error, getCollectionNames, Authentication failed

7 - Meteor

Please make sure you are using other password and not Admin password from Persistence screen.