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Workflow Dependencies and how should they work

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Hello all,


I am newer to Alteryx and am kind of getting the hang of it. The issues I am having more pertains to managing a project. 


In my current case I have a workflow that will have a macros nested maybe 4 layers deep. 


The issue is when I click manage dependencies on the current layer, I can see the macros, but when I move up one layer, the next macro will not have this dependency.


So for the most part I have either been able to add the dependency because there is an option to do so, however when I use a macro such as Publish to Tableau, if I use it inside any macros it cannot be found.


So for example 3 layers deep I have publish to tableau, the macro that contains it will have the dependency, but anything above that will not. So when I go t o my main workflow, it does not have the dependency.


The issue is that when I then go to publish to server and have it run on a timer it just errors saying it cannot find publish to tableau basically...


I have had success in the past by tunneling the data to the top workflow and then publishing to tableau, but in my current workflow this really isn't an option.



Can someone please help me understand the structure. My assumption is that the top level dependencies should list all dependencies (every macro, every tool that needs to be there including publish to tableau.)

am I wrong?


I would assume this because the top level picks up all the macros on all levels, but will not pick up tableau if its in a macro.




p.s. I should mention we use this macro all the time on scheduler, so it is installed on server, and I am using the correct version for our server.

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Just tried rebuilding workflow and am still getting 


Cannot find macro "PublishToTableauServer_v1.09.2\Publish to Tableau Server.yxmc"


It is not in the list of dependencies on the top level. and by it I think I have like 4 different parts of it that have publish to tableau

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I resolved the issue. 


options> user settings> edit user settings > advanced 


Check the option to show assets


Go into the macros that have publish to tableau and click on the tableau macro,

on left side where you have the wrench A with the circle tag, there will be a new asset icon, click on that


There will be two sections, one for auto detected assets and one for adding your own.


Under autodetect see if you have the 4 required assests for publish to tableau, if you do they probably aren't checked, so check them.


If they are not listed, then click add files, go to c drive > users > user account > app data > local > roaming > alteryx > tools > publish to tableau and find the 4 required assets that are needed for tableau to work on the server. 


Note: if you click on the actual macro before doing this and click on the asset icon, there probably isnt anything under auto detect for publish to tableau.


after you do this you should see these assets under the auto detect part. 


If you go up another layer it should be the same, but if not you can add the assets to that macro as well. 


Once you get to the top level, you should definitely see the dependencies, and when you save to the server any tableau macros that were manually added should now be listed in the workflow dependency section.


Hope this helps anyone that is coming across this bug in alteryx.




P.S. I wish alteryx had a better library management. Think about visual studio and how any supported libraries you add are listed on the right side of the project. This should be something the tool picks up, but if not then have a better interface for dependent files.