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Using an Analytic App to update my Filter Tool



I am trying to start turning my workflows into Analytic Apps and seem to be having trouble with the basics of it. To simplify what I am trying to do, I created a "dumbed-down" input and workflow. I would like my app to be able to choose the value to filter off of. Any help is much appreciated.




@ChristopherFunnell You are very close! I believe you just need to change one little thing on your action tool. You need to ensure that the correct line is highlighted like in my picture:




I've highlighted the Operand- Value="A" line which should correct your issue!


EDIT: For what it's worth, I'm attaching a couple other powerful ways to work with the interface tools. You can see that you can bypass the action tool in some cases by connecting the dropdown tool right to the formula tool and then using it like any other field. You can also name your interface tool (hidden under the annotation tab of your configuration panel) and then just call the variable directly using the "%Question.<toolname>" syntax. I prefer this last option because I find it easiest to test with this method (you can send in whatever data you want on the workflow tab).

Ah very helpful, thanks!


@patrick_digan Thanks for posting this.  Your suggestion to connect directly from the text box solved a problem I was having today.