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Unable to read .xls files


I am using windows 10 machine and Alteryx designer 11.7. I am getting following error while trying to read .xls files even after installing 32 bit access driver. Can someone help ?


"Get Table List Error: The 2017-10-10 Windows security patch prevents the Jet driver from reading .xls files; install the 2010 32-bit Access driver"

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
Do you have an option to use the .xls Microsoft legacy driver?
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Alteryx Certified Partner

I am facing the same problem.


When I DO try to install the 32-bit Access driver, it says I will have to uninstall 64-bit MS-Office first.



              How do I make Alteryx choose to use Legacy driver? I know in Tableau there is a drop-down that allows Legacy instead of the default Open option as in the screen shot attached.