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Trigger/Invoke a Unix Shell Script from alteryx designer




Just wanted to ask if there's an easier way to call a unix shell script from alteryx designer.  I did a quick search and so far, found 2 or 3 posts from a couple years ago.  I'm just wondering if somebody else or a new functionality has allowed for this to be easily done from designer.


Thanks in advance.



Alteryx Partner

Hi @melissa_m ,


Try this,


1) Create a script, RUNME.bat


2) Create the script as part of Alteryx by using a template stored in a text input file or take a previous runme.bat file and update the parameters within the file.


3) Save the RUNME.bat file from within your workflow.


4) Now you can execute the runme.bat.




Hi grazitti_sapna,


Thanks for your response... The script I am trying to call though exist in a different UNIX server (not on the same machine where alteryx is running) so access and the actual command to call the script is the question.