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Stop datastream if condition not met

7 - Meteor

Hi there, 

I have a case I have yet not found a solution for.  The case is that I have  prognosis, and historical data, which comes from two different streams in the workflow and then joined.  However, if a certain company xxx does not have any historical data, then i dont want any data flowing further in the left stream of the join. 


That is, there is a condition before the join which is that  [Total_sum] !=0.  If company xxx has [Total_sum] = 0, it means that it will go to te left in the join, and I want to stop all data flowing through the left as it goes further to a union.


Is there any good way of achieving this ?

Kind regards

15 - Aurora



Please try with message tool with the configuration below.




Best regards,

7 - Meteor

I will try this solution and see if it works for my purpose.  Thanks 🙂