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Standard macro errors on "ended by a downstream tool" error

9 - Comet

I've got a couple of macro's within a workflow I created. it workflow itself runs most of the time but lately i'm getting the 

(ended by a downstream tool)

error. the Macro that errors sometimes:





As far as I know (and googled) this is because how Alteryx used to operate (before 10.0) needing to put a browse tool after an unconnected tool. 

from what I read is that this kind of old logic is still present within the batch macro in designer. 


i'm wondering if this old logic is also present within other macro types, because I'm getting this error in a standard macro.


the standard macro this error occurs in is a simple marco that is using other macro input in it. the other macro's are also ALL standard macro's.

NOTE: yellow line is to show the one wireless connection I forgot to make wired 




What I want to know is, do (standard) macro's in general experience this kind of behavior? or is the "ended by a downstream tool" error specific to an batch macro.






15 - Aurora

Hi @MartWClimber 


Try to add a browser tool after the macro. Unfortunately, if the output of the macro is not being used in any process, alteryx seems to understand that it can stop the processing.




This is a problem that even became an idea for a possible future correction (since 2018 at least), here you can see the topic and vote for it.

Update the macro tool's output anchor functionalit... - Alteryx Community



9 - Comet

@Felipe_Ribeir0 is this for all the macro types? because in posts I only see people talk about batch macro's


15 - Aurora

It is a common problem for batch macros, but you can find this error in some other situations, like this one, for a teradata connector.


Solved: Data extraction issue - Alteryx Community


Did you try to put the browse and it did not work?

9 - Comet

@Felipe_Ribeir0 thx for the link. Looks like Alteryx didn't fully test everything (back then) and just release stuff 😞