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Select Tool and List Box App




I have created an app using the Select Tool to allow users to choose attributes specific to the Partners of the firm and it produces a report based on the selections, however, it is not working properly. At first it was doubling the information which I corrected by making the attributes unique with the record tool. Now, what I am experiencing is that when I choose a certain attribute it is not including it in the report or it is including an attribute that I have not selected when I run the app.


I attached the workflow to get a better understanding of what is happening. 


I know I have to do some working around to get the information in a uniformed format. Right now, the spacing under some of the headings are out of whack. 




For some reason I am not seeing it.


Could you re-send?


Hi @CamilleB,


I think your issue was that you had the output of your select tool feeding into some interface tools and back into the same select tool. If you just add another select tool after the first, and have the interface tools feed into the second one, I think that should fix your problem. I at least got it to run without errors:




Other things I noticed:

- Make sure all fields are selected in the first select tool

- You should run the workflow as a regular workflow after making the change I suggest above before run it as an analytic app (so that the metadata will show up when running as an app).


Sorry again about the confusion from my earlier post! Hope this helps!