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Scheduling containers in Alteryx Designer


How can container in Alteryx designer be scheduled according to a particular sequence? I tried "Block until done" that blocks only a set of process that is connected to it. I need to block the execution of a container until another container gets completely executed.


This is crude but effective. Container 8 will not execute until both Container 6 and 7 are complete. I have used this successfully a number of times.


join block until done.png

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
I think we'll need a bit more detail to support you.

Images of the workflow would be the very minimum so we can understand what processes are occurring and the reason why you need to block.

Also the workflow if at all possible!


Thank you for the quick response, David. In my case container 8 starts with an input tool. The scenario in my case is - I am storing the output of container1 as temp cache (%temp%/../filename.yxdb) that is being used as input in container2. When I execute the entire flow, container2 and container1 are getting executed simultaneously and container2 fails as it is trying to access the input temp cache that is not yet created. Hence, I need to schedule the execution of container2 such that it begins execution only after the completion of container1.


In that case, I would do something like this: (sample workflow attached).


You load some data, do something, then write to your temp file via a block until done.


The formula tool creates a field with the filename and path of your temp file which feeds a dynamic input tool. I've set it to "change entire file path" to use the path created in the formula field. With dynamic input you also have to set a template file so that the tool knows what to expect, which can just point to your temp file.



load tempfile.png


You may also want to add a select and sample tool before the dynamic input to remove any unwanted data.


load tempfile.png


Thank you David! It worked.