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SSL Connect Error in 2019.1

8 - Asteroid



I have a workflow that download a json file from a URL, it works correctly for 11.7.4 but when i run it in 2019.1 i am getting an the following error message 


"Error: Download (12): Error transferring data: SSL connect error"


I dont understand why it works for the old version of Alteyx but not in 2019.1 


Any advise would be great

8 - Asteroid

We are using Alteryx Designer 2020.3. The workflows were running fine for the previous 4 months. Suddenly we have started receiving SSL Connect error messages in a random manner. I am trying to gather information on proxy policies.


Any help will be most appreciated.

7 - Meteor

Same for me with a newer version... Do you found a solution faardeen9983 ?

I would very appreciate it!

8 - Asteroid

No, we haven't found a fix for the issue. It occurs very rarely these days.