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SOAP Web Service as source

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I've strugged to connect to a SOAP based web service with authentication as a data source. I've seen the Download tool is the mechanism but struggling to feel out the required configuration to work. I have the end-point etc. Any tips appreciated.

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Hi Andrew,


I bet we can make it work using the download tool. Could you maybe give a bit more information og maybe send the workflow?


Best regards,


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Thanks for coming back Daniel. The workflow so far is very simple, a text input passing the end-point into the download tool which is configured to apply a POST action. The part that's not worked so far is to pass the required XML into the payload.


I'm just waiting for a license to be granted this week and I'll post further using one of the publically available SOAP services.

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Alteryx Certified Partner

You are welcome.


One of the things I figured out when starting to use the download tool is that Alteryx parses the field name as well as the value to the payload. Maybe that can help you a bit further.


Please let me know if there is anything else I can do.



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In the end the web service provider gave me details of how to access the services via REST, which was much more straightforward.


Per other posts, Fiddler was invaluable when trying to figure out the required header/payload. For the future the ability to see the inbound and outbound web messages natively in the client would be very useful.

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I've posted an idea that would eliminate the need to use Fiddler, please upvote if you would also find this useful:


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Hi everyone,

Please if you can help me with extract information from a webservice i wold be very thankful.

I need to read the following webservice link


I have readen that it is possible to do it with download tools but i have not been able yet.


If you need any information, please let me know.